Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shark notifications to your wrist whilst out surfing

iKoast smart watch notifications,

At iKoast we are always striving for new ways to help keep our users informed on reported sharks. We are now looking into a smart watch integration, which would allow all of our users to receive shark location data to be sent direct to your wrist from your mobile phone.
Pebble's new smart watch is rated at 5ATM (50m waterproof). All smartphones have available cases that are waterproof these days.
So water users, you could have your pebble watch on with your smartphone in it's water proof case, zipped up in your surf shorts, and go out surfing with a little bit of back up from iKoast.
If a shark is spotted and a pin dropped near you, you will receive a notification to your wrist. When you receive a notification on a smart watch, the watch vibrates.
Please share your thought's with us.
iKoast team

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