Thursday, 3 April 2014

6PR Interview with iKoast

In case you missed us on the radio - we joined Peter Bell at 6PR for an awesome arvo chat!

Duration: 3 mins 18 secs • ASR AUD 566 • WA • Australia • iKoast - Radio & TV • ID: W00056709087
28 Mar 2014 12:52 PM

Interview with Paul Holliday, creator of the iKoast app. Holliday says that it took 14 months to create the community-based lifestyle app that maps activities and facilities along the WA coast, while also allowing people to label potential dangers along the coast. Bell says that it has a lot of set information, but is also very interactive. Holliday says they are working on updates to allow users to alert a select group of people about information such as surfing or fishing conditions. Bell says that the app can be used to alert people to shark sightings. 

Holliday says that there was a sighting today, and there are systems set in place already with Surf Life Saving and Fisheries. He says that the app will help people to get a visual of the locations, which he says is good if people are unfamiliar with the area. He says that the free app is available on the iTunes store today, the Play store by the end of the weekend, and on Google Glass and the Samsung Gear Watch in the future.

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