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iKoast Pin of the Week: Salmon Holes, Albany

At iKoast, we live and breathe the great outdoors and part of our mission is to get YOU exploring more of our coast too!

That's why this week we're introducing iKoast's 'Pin of the Week' - a coastal activity snapshot each and every week for your adventure planning pleasure. 

So if you've got a fishing, camping, surfing tip; discovered somewhere new; or maybe you're a coastal business, simply PIN it on the iKoast App and tip us on Twitter using #ikoastpinoftheweek to feature in a weekly write-up.

First up? Our PR Manager, Shahirah spent all Easter reeling in monster salmon down in Albany. Couldn't let a fishing trip go to waste now could we?

iKoast Pin of the Week: Salmon Holes, Albany

Gone: Fishin'

Location: The Salmon Holes, Salmon Hole Road in Torndirrup National Park, Albany. (Almost exactly where a shark was sighted this weekend in Frenchman Bay - good thing iKoasters are on alert!)

For those of you visiting WA, Albany is a 5 hour drive south from Perth.

iKoast Map: Salmon Holes, Torndirrup National Park, Albany
iKoast Activity Pin: Shore Fishing at Salmon Holes, Albany

Wow Factor: The Salmon Holes is one of the best places in Albany for beach fishing, named after the white (not pink) salmon that seek shelter in the calmer waters close to the beach. High season is around Easter time, where fisherman roll in as early as 5am to catch them off the shore and rocks.

If you're not an angler yourself, beach fishing makes for good spectator sport! There's a lookout at the top of the stairs where you can enjoy a fantastic view overlooking the action.

Do: Get there early. By 9am the beach is packed and salmon flip left, right and centre. Usually when one is snapped up, there's plenty closeby hence known as the 'salmon run' which can cause quite a line tangling frenzy (which is not so fun). 

Don't: Forget it's quite a hike down to the shore (roughly 70+ steps and roughly 800 metres each way). Children, elderly, and the unfit - be warned! Note that this area is also notorious for king waves and rock fishing is incredibly dangerous, so be careful.

Worth a trip: What do you think?!

iKoaster: 6kg salmon caught at Salmon Holes, Albany
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